Episode 99 - The Politics of Dualism

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  • Rich's singing frogs
  • On the stupidity of the DNC
  • Obama, Sanders, Obama -- very different, but same lesson
  • At a time when the GOP is ready to commit suicide, they win Senate, House, Presidency (and by default Supreme Court)
  • Why Clinton was one of the worst candidates in recent memory
  • A repeat of the 2000 election
  • Clinton slapping in the face the people whose votes she needed
  • Politics is the only field in which having no experience is an advantage
  • No one like establishment politicians
  • Democrats drive the train toward destruction at 60 mph. Republicans drive the train toward destruction at 180 mph. I'd like to have someone who doesn't drive the train toward destruction at all
  • The problem with dependency on oil
  • Why the notion of Trump as an outsider is image more than reality. Same with Obama
  • Trump and Berlusconi
  • When your main selling point is that the other candidate is worse, you are not doing well
  • Fascists on the right or whiners on the left
  • Solutions are never found in black and white ideologies
  • How both the right and the left manage to alienate those Muslims who could be allies against Islamic fundamentalism
  • The illusion that if A is bad, then B must be good
  • Trump's success owes much to the stupidity of the left: Cal State LA, Berkeley demonstration
  • The satisfaction of seeing Clinton crash and burn is overshadowed by seeing Trump becoming president
  • SJWs and Alt Right as two sides of the same sick coin
  • The Walking Dead, and storytelling
  • Tom Robbins on sickness passing as literature
  • Why I hate Cormac McCarthy
  • Datsusara animation (YouTube)
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