Episode 30 - Gloria Mattioni, a Tribute to the Epic Life of James R. Weddell

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  • My own sweet mom joins us to celebrate the 10 years of freedom, the birthday, and the life of Dakota warrior James Weddell
  • "Ista": the man's eyes could see through everything
  • Daniele about funerals and weddings
  • The significance of eagle feathers
  • A crazy mix of bravery and generosity
  • The power of dreaming
  • The Yankton Reservation
  • Becoming an outlaw because of stepping up to defend people
  • How a deer helped him escape from juvenile detention
  • The Pork Plant Takeover
  • A gunfight among friends: Jim's complex relationship with Russell Means
  • A story of the war for the Black Hills: from Crazy Horse and the Little Bighorn to the day when some of the poorest people in the U.S. rejected millions of dollars awarded to them by the Supreme Court. James and the Black Hills
  • Jim in his own words
  • A yuwipi with Crow Dog
  • The legal case and the insane sentence
  • South Dakota Great Escape
  • America's Most Wanted vs. the United Red Brotherhood
  • A fugitive on Pine Ridge
  • Dodging assassins in prison
  • Missing court reporters and attempted robberies don't stop the fight for Jim's freedom: a ten year war
  • Poetic justice: William Janklow charged with manslaughter
  • if you can understand Italian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUMfslsETcc&feature=share
  • When I first met Jim, he was whiter than me
  • Always think of what's best for the people
  • The White Swan Singers
  • We are preparing a private edition of a book written by Gloria Mattioni about Jim's life. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested.