Episode 95 - Faisal Saeed Al Mutar

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The Conan Rash Guard

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  • Working for secularization in the face of Islamic fundamentalism
  • Fleeing religious violence in Iraq
  • When Al-Qaeda are the moderates, you can begin to worry
  • Uniting Sunni and Shiite extremists by having them all hate him
  • Death threats clearly haven't diminished his sense of humor
  • An alternative to the choice between regressive left apologists and fascists
  • Speaking half-truths is more dangerous than lying
  • Why is there no nuance on the subject of Islam
  • The grievance may be legitimate, but the reaction not
  • Everyone you disagree with is Hitler
  • Islamic fascists and right-wing fascists are both fascists
  • Addressing the backlash theory of terrorism
  • Simplistic answers miss the complexity of it all
  • It's important to 'make it cool' to be knowledgeable
  • “The more knowledgeable you are, the less manipulated you will become"
  • The genesis of ISIS
  • You don't transition from a dictatorship to a democracy overnight
  • The idea of the Caliphate is an attractive call to the nostalgia for a mythical past
  • "Let's make Islam great again" :)
  • The reasons for the second Iraq War
  • The French ban on the burkini
  • The concept of modesty in Abrahamic religions is sick
  • The more you ban something, the more you give power to the thing you ban
  • Don't ban bad ideas. Expose their stupidity
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