Episode 94 - Taoism and The Addiction to Binary Thinking

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The Conan Rash Guard

Father's Bolelli Sunday School: The Bible according to Quentin Tarantino:

  • Sex rules in the Bible
  • Bloody sheets or death penalty

The "Rant of the Day":

  • Datsusara defeats ISIS
  • Missing the good, old days when people posted about food and cats rather than politics
  • The 2016 election and American Indian history
  • Stuck with bad choices
  • The addiction to binary thinking
  • Why Dan Carlin rules
  • Finding common ground
  • Stefan Molyneux, cherry-picking facts and intellectual dishonesty
  • California genocide
  • Black-or-white thinking as the opposite of Taoist thinking
  • "My way is very easy to understand and very easy to practice, but no one understands it and no one practices it"

The "I Have A Dream" Corner:

  • Breaking out of jail and shooting Theodore Roosevelt

The "Storytelling Moment":

  • Phryne
  • The greatest courtroom win ever
  • Being ugly, Socrates couldn't pull off the same defense
  • Weird synchronicity

The "Iz Moment":

The "Ask Bolelli" Corner:

  • Conan and stoicism
  • What would Conan do?