Episode 92 - AJ Hawk on Football and Life

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  • Here's a link to AJ's podcast with Daniele as a guest: thehawkcast.show/e12_daniele-bolelli
  • Being the youngest of three boys: sink or swim
  • AJ's wife helped turn him into a human being
  • On a quest for learning
  • Listening to podcasts while taking care of 9 acres of land
  • "You guys are ahead of the times when it comes to technology, yoga... anything weird"
  • Podcasting: it's like radio but you can cuss
  • Living in L.A.
  • Playing in -15 F
  • "You get to run and hit people. So, it's great"
  • AJ's best hit was during the first year of High School
  • "It was so loud, and it felt so good and so pure"
  • The experience of Draft Day
  • The first McGregor-Diaz fight
  • How does an athlete step away from the spotlight?
  • Picking off Brett Favre and getting him to sign the ball
  • Brady Quinn on doing commentary rather than playing, "It's like watching the love of your life marry someone else"
  • The inevitable concussion question
  • Breaking through a wall and hitting concrete
  • Crying while watching "Southpaw"
  • AJ's daughter is a Bruce Lee fan
  • AJ is a badass father
  • The long term impact of parents on kids
  • How to be passionate about something without the attachment driving you crazy when things don't work out the way you want
  • Post-football plans
  • On Kobe Bryant
  • The beautiful, primal simplicity of sports
  • Crazy Horse, Theodore Roosevelt, Caravaggio... all the historical characters Daniele likes are mildly mentally deranged
  • Ego and dealing with haters
  • On Larry Miller
  • Authenticity
  • When you stop training, physical and mental health goes down the drain