Episode 91 - Richard Gordon on Healing

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  • When we hear the words "energy healing", most of us automatically think 'new age crap.' And we would be very wrong in this case
  • Breathing and body awareness are the keys to this game
  • Not only affecting one's own physiology but some else's too
  • Martial arts charlatans
  • Belief and disbelief are equally cheap
  • The tale of how Richard definitely got my attention
  • How Richard learned his craft
  • The limits of words
  • If it works on a person under anesthesia, it's not a placebo
  • Richard's magic and Savannah's jiujitsu
  • "Normicles"
  • Why nutrition is discussed so little in medical school
  • Working on the self-healing mechanism within the body
  • Teaching other people the same skills
  • Wim Hof discussing prana with Tim Ferris
  • We are surprised when we don't see results
  • Energy follows intent
  • Just because your TV can't catch some channels, it doesn't mean those channels don't exist
  • http://www.quantumtouch.com