Episode 89 - Donald Bumanglag On Being in War, PTSD, and Psychedelics

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  • Doc Buma's podcast
  • Meeting thanks to a Drunken Taoist t-shirt
  • Ranger, Cop, Cannabis Advocate
  • The Oxycontin epidemic. Why prescribing Xanax may not be the best idea
  • On joining the military
  • At 18 patching up gunshot wounds in NY
  • The Filipino Doogie Howser
  • On fighting in wars you don't support
  • Over 100 combat missions, sniper, swat team...
  • Raiding the house of the head of the Taliban
  • Eating chicken at the wedding of Karzai's brother
  • If you wanna check out Donnie, take a look at the History Channel series "Live to Tell"
  • After the military... being a cop, depression, and PTSD
  • Jumping out of planes and concussions
  • Flirting with suicide
  • "And so that's what I had to do. I had to change everything. And I changed everything."
  • "The government has already proven that they are not going to take care of us, so we have to do it on our own."
  • "I didn't want my kids to grow up with a guy like me."
  • Being a narc and finding out that cannabis is the # 1 thing that helped cure his PTSD
  • "The first time I smoked Blue Dream, it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulder"
  • Help from the Joe Rogan Podcast
  • 5 am, exercise bike, listening to podcasts...stepping stones on the road to rebuilding oneself
  • Jiujitsu and the Wim Hof method
  • Credibility
  • Having to tell a little girl on her birthday she'll never see her father again
  • Enjoying the ride
  • Apologizing to people you arrested