Episode 85 - Aubrey Marcus

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  • Let's stop being functional for a minute, and be human
  • Knowing when it's enough
  • Aubrey and the Orlando Furioso share the same priorities
  • Ryan Holiday tortures Aubrey
  • Writing books
  • The origin of resistance
  • "Lift some kettlebells, you stupid monkey"
  • Unhappy wealthy people: "When the external falls away, then you really have to worry about the internal"
  • Theodore Roosevelt and fighting with demons
  • Porangui' is our own personal Buddha
  • The ego is a noisy kid jumping up and down, eating Twizzlers, shouting out commands, with a fake helmet on his head, and a plastic sword
  • Aubrey on death
  • Choosing faith over fear
  • Ecstatic dance, and homophobia
  • Breathing as a psychedelic
  • Giving up dancing is the price of ‘whiteness'
  • Sugar vs. Fat
  • Aubrey's upcoming books
  • Scientific confusion
  • Daniele's process of creating a book