Episode 83 - Twitter, Martial Arts and Personal Growth with Ben Kovacs & Joel Lunenfeld

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  • Ninja Marketing
  • Why Daniele majored in Anthropology but ended up hating it
  • getmyster.com and liftedview.com
  • 'Twitter' should have been named 'Conan'
  • How the word 'twitter' came into being
  • Jiujitsu is not for homophobic people
  • The democratization of punching people
  • guardiangym.org
  • Martial arts and community
  • Martial arts and personal growth
  • Learning how to take a beating
  • How are you going to carry yourself when you can't win?
  • Jiujitsu is truth
  • Changing education: algebra vs. Youtube videos
  • High school has been the same for a long time, and we badly need to change it
  • A non-profit approach to martial arts and life
  • A mix of idealism and practicality
  • The kind of success that your Republican grandma from Nebraska would appreciate
  • Everyone is making things up as they go
  • Fear of failure and the beginner's mind
  • The weird ritual of belt-whipping in jiujitsu: a great ritual for overgrown fraternity boys with
  • S&M issues
  • Thank you to cropodopolis.com