Episode 82 - Angry Ninja Dwarf Brother with Periscope Spear

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Father's Bolelli Sunday School: The Bible according to Quentin Tarantino:

  • The Scopes Trial
  • Cain's wife

The "Rant of the Day":

  • The art of talking in your sleep. The things you do for women...
  • We can thank Ms. Shannon Seta for the existence of the Drunken Taoist podcast
  • Daniele's new book "Not Afraid"
  • Rich killed David Bowie

The "I Have A Dream" Corner:

  • Tigers in the garden

The "Storytelling Moment":

  • The Ikkyu t-shirt
  • The Revenant
  • Oda Nobunaga, angry ninja dwarf brother swimming in shit with periscope spear

The "Iz Moment":

  • Iz's Conan penmanship
  • Realizing what babies are like
  • Watching UFC "C'mon! Take your shirts off so we can see if you are a real man"

The "Ask Bolelli" Corner:

  • ALS, death, fear
  • The soul
  • The universe is much weirder than we think
  • Duncan's podcasts with his mom