Episode 79 - Ryan Holiday on Stoicism and Character Building

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  • A microphone strapped to the back of a running goat
  • Drop out with a plan
  • School is a great default option
  • The Obstacle Is the Way
  • Philosophy as Practice
  • Academics spoil good philosophy
  • Thoreau on philosophy's purpose being to solve the practical problems of life
  • Cheap popularizers stealing classical philosophy to sell self-help books
  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. Why philosophy? "So, I can have deep thoughts about being unemployed"
  • Nietzsche and academics (from On the Warrior's Path)
  • The importance of a good translation
  • The essence of Stoicism
  • We don't control the world around us. We control how we respond to it
  • Stoicism is about character building
  • Stoicism is not The Secret. It's not about magically wishing things to be different than they are.
  • Brutally pragmatic realism
  • Complaining and whining is not going to make things easier
  • Stoicism and Epicureanism as yin and yang
  • The Stoicism of Ikkyu Sojun
  • Cynic philosophy
  • Diogenes was hilarious but just a tad over the edge
  • Stoicism in the Hagakure
  • Stoicism is not simply something you think. It's something you do
  • Sweeping the room
  • Ryan's mentor, Robert Greene
  • In martial arts, the least athletic guys need to have the best technique
  • Robert E. Howard: a master class in Stoicism
  • Visualizing the worst case scenario vs. nocebo
  • When ambition stops being a motivating force and it becomes an obsession
  • Theodore Roosevelt and the limits of willpower
  • The publishing business is inherently conservative
  • Ryan's goats
  • Life is short. Do ridiculous things
  • ryanholiday.net