Episode 78 - The Return of Graham Hancock

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  • Graham's new book: Magicians of the Gods
  • "I am no more a pseudo-scientist than a dolphin is a pseudo-fish"
  • Fundamentalists are fundamentalists regardless of which hat they wear
  • Christian fundamentalists were ISIS' long lost cousins for much of history
  • Looking for something useful even within bad ideas
  • Squashing alternatives to the existing paradigms—Science's M.O.
  • A more critical attitude toward authority is becoming more accepted
  • New evidence in Magicians of the Gods
  • Historians who are convinced that humans caused the extinction of the mega fauna
  • Intelligence plays with nuance, rarely with absolutes
  • "It's philosophically and spiritually wrong to continue behaving as a species in the way we are doing"
  • The Prehistory of North America
  • You can only eat so many lion burgers
  • Only 2,000 humans left on earth
  • Tracking space objects orbiting around Earth
  • The gift that keeps on giving: the same comet hitting the earth 12,800 years ago, 11,600 years ago and in 1908 at Tunguska
  • The flattening of 18 million trees
  • A common human alliance to tackle existential threats to life on earth
  • "We are not nations, and races, and ethnic groups and religions...All of us are connected. All of us with the same hopes, and fears, and dreams."
  • The Edfu Building Text
  • Plato's account of Atlantis
  • The Mystery of Gobekli Tepe
  • "We are a species with amnesia"
  • Rediscovering community
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  • Graham on Twitter: @Graham__Hancock