Episode 75 - Duncan Trussell

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  • The podcasting equivalent of Last Tango in Paris
  • MDMA and depression
  • Responsible vs. irresponsible use of MDMA
  • If you enjoy it, you are not wasting time
  • The Yin-Yang of play and drive
  • Workahol-ism as a form of hiding
  • Doing things for pleasure rather than as a form of compulsion
  • "Shut up, poodle. You don't know anything. You are just a poddle"
  • Whacking annoying thoughts with a stick
  • Hamlet: poison poured in our ears while we sleep
  • Chris Ryan and I don't take bitcoin which clearly shows we are CIA agents
  • The culture of fear
  • Duncan's trainer kicks ass
  • Working out as meditation
  • Mark Adachi: Daniele's personal Yoda
  • The Tao of bench-pressing
  • Exercise: it works for Duncan even better than meditation and psychedelics
  • When you start lifting weights, you upgrade your bed
  • The best reason for a man to get strong is to be able to pick up a woman during sex
  • Duncan's genius idea: taking the best from stand up comedy and podcasting and mixing it together into live podcasting