Episode 74 - Porangui': Music, Healing and Powerful Rituals

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  • Porangui' and his awesome vibe
  • Bridging cultures
  • Growing up around sun dances and sweat lodges
  • Porangui's wild mom and her adoption among the Dineh
  • Some mysteries are no meant to be solved
  • 15 whales
  • The symbolism of the inipi, the sweat lodge
  • Piercing and Sun Dancing
  • A grandma's flesh offering and Lame Deer's vision quest
  • Studying medicine in China, teaching in Vietnam
  • Making musical instruments out of bombs
  • Breath and defeating fear
  • Ben Harper and Porangui' on the loss of sound quality
  • Recording vs. live music
  • Going to Duke University, and ending up becoming a healer and a musician
  • Creating his own major "Healing through music and dance"
  • www.porangui.com
  • Porangui's Twitter
  • The problems with EMF
  • The difference between new age and the real deal
  • Concerts as tribal rituals
  • Healing practices
  • Cultural attitudes about physical contact
  • Daniele is a judgmental little shit
  • Leading by example rather than whining about the state of things
  • Art as inspiration vs. art to fill time
  • Becoming a better relative
  • Porangui's upcoming retreats: November in Austin, January in Nicaragua, April in Sedona
  • Mitakuye Oyasin