Episode 73 - Litty Mathew on Crafting Fiction & Booze

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  • Operating L.A.'s first legal distillery since Prohibition
  • Going to graduate school, making booze
  • Starting a booze business in order to survive Armenian family gatherings
  • www.greenbar.biz
  • Organig Liqueurs?!?
  • Bitter like Litty’s soul
  • More problems booking female guests
  • Fiction has to be great for me to read it
  • If no one gets his head chopped off with a sword, what’s the point of reading it?
  • Litty doesn’t cut anyone’s head with a sword, and yet I enjoyed her book (Amazon link)
  • Litty: from an Indian family, born in Ethiopia, grown up in Jamaica, went to school in France, and married into an Armenian family
  • The multicultural magic of L.A.
  • The "losangelization" of the world
  • The duduk's haunting sound
  • www.littymathew.net
  • Solving life's problems in one's sleep
  • What makes me an expert is that I can make up things
  • Casual Armenians
  • The second Indian woman born in Africa to make it onto the podcast
  • The story of the Armenian genocide
  • You wanna make the Turks happy?
  • The Armenian hit list of The Young Turks
  • The art of cheating. Different cultural expectations
  • In an Italian school if someone doesn’t help you cheat, they will be ostracized by everyone
  • The measure of a book's success is whether Daniele's mom reads it or not
  • How many readers do you need to consider yourself a success as a writer? The silly number game
  • Litty and cannibalism
  • Here in studio we have booze, knives and a cannibal