Episode 71 - Discussing the Wild Life of Ikkyu Sojun with Robert Subiaga

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  • Robert returns: from Conan to Ikkyu
  • Thank you to Tom Robbins for the Ikkyu assist
  • Ikkyu is Daniele's life role model
  • Thanks to Savannah Em for the beautiful cover art
  • Ikkyu is one of the heroes of the Dionysian Parade t-shirt:
  • A Zen, horny version of Bugs Bunny
  • The basics of Ikkyu's life
  • "I hate masters!"
  • Burning the Inka
  • Disgust with the Zen establishment and the sake/brothel poem
  • Revolutionizing Japanese culture in between a drinking bout and a visit to the goddesses of mercy
  • The Ikkyu cartoon
  • Radical honesty
  • Some of his own students are embarrassed by Ikkyu’s intense emotions
  • If I'm not hurting anyone, what is wrong with living passionately?
  • Ikkyu would be the god of podcasting
  • "Tasting life and enjoying sex to the fullest"
  • "Thirsty you dream of water, cold you want fire. Not me. I want the firm warm breasts and wetness of a woman"
  • "Eight inches strong, it is my favorite thing..."
  • "The autumn breeze of a single night of love is better than 100,000 years of sterile sitting meditation"
  • "Sleep when tired, Eat when hungry..." and why people forget the rest of the quote
  • The illusion of the separation between sacred and profane
  • Buddhism in the flesh: don't spoil a healthy Buddhist nap
  • Ikkyu as a heyoka
  • Balance in the middle of imbalance