Episode 67 - Jake Ducey

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  • "School wasn’t conducive to my learning"
  • Dropping out of school after three semesters in order to travel and write a bestseller
  • Blasphemy about breast size
  • "Agism"
  • Sometimes when you age, you get wiser. Sometimes, you just get older and beaten by life
  • Youthful enthusiasm over smart cynicism any day
  • Depression regardless of economic status
  • Violins in the subway
  • A crisis of inspiration and happiness
  • Give the world to young people. You’ve fucked it up enough already. Get out of the way
  • Ikkyu and the certificate of enlightenment
  • Strategies for figuring out what you want out of life
  • The illusion of postponing happiness
  • Why facing the most dreadful fears reduces fear
  • You can be overwhelmed by the Cosmic Joke or find a way to enjoy it
  • The illusion that if you are really busy then your life must be meaningful
  • Giving oneself time to 'arrive' wherever you are: micro-meditations
  • Begin changing your immediate surroundings
  • Tim Leary about creating a life reflecting the person you want to be
  • Buddha had nothing, but he was still Buddha
  • Meditation and exercise
  • Fake it 'til you make it
  • Jake has a great time in jail
  • "Who you are speaks so loud I can't hear what you say"
  • Failing over and over again
  • Jake drops some Bob Marley knowledge
  • Gandhi was—apparently—a hypocritical ass
  • Shooting for the stars of external achievement, while remembering that success is not external