Episode 66 - Celebrate Now

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Father's Bolelli Sunday School: The Bible according to Quentin Tarantino:

  • God screws up Job's life because of a bet with the Devil
  • God fixes it all...except for Job's kids—they are still dead

The "Rant of the Day":

  • Testing the limits of free speech: Fundamentalists are all the same
  • My problem with Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Hendrix's "1983" and being in the moment
  • The illusion of deferred happiness
  • It may not get better later, so you might as well find a reason to celebrate now

The "I Have A Dream" Corner:

  • Iz riding a tiger and saving me while swinging two swords

The "Storytelling Moment":

  • The Crow Dog and Spotted Tail feud
  • Daniele at a historical Lakota reconciliation at a Sun Dance

The "Iz Moment":

The "Ask Bolelli" Corner:

  • A Duncan Trussell question
  • Gandhi's letter to Hitler
  • Is unconditional love possible?
  • Turning the other cheek nine times out of ten