Episode 65 - Chris Odell and Mark Cheng

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  • Chris Odell, a gentleman from a long lost age
  • Oddly, Chris' business model is not based on screwing people over
  • The simplicity and yet extreme rarity of kindness
  • Cultivating kindness and strength
  • Your heart will break. So what?
  • Radical honesty comes from strength
  • Neediness is not attractive
  • "You can’t shoot a cannon from a canoe"
  • Fear of failure is what prevents improvement
  • Datsusara perseverance
  • Separating good perseverance vs. stupid perseverance
  • Hook Mark up with an acting career
  • "All progress depends on the unreasonable man"
  • The process of discovering possible passions
  • Eat, sleep, fight and fuck
  • "I’m not impressed with your performance"
  • Planned obsolescence
  • Chris is a shitty capitalist, but yet he makes money
  • Peace and the art of war
  • Strategy in communication
  • Choosing to support good stuff rather than attacking bad stuff
  • Hanging out in organic time
  • The joys and pains of parenthood
  • The 'fuck you' cry
  • Links to Mark's public FB page and website: