Episode 213 - The Fight between Nuance and Dogmatic Thinking

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Today we chat about gifts from Ulises Bella and Shannon Lee, the Fermi Paradox, Chris Ryan and lifestyles that are designed for human happiness, questionable data from Steven Pinker, metaphorical ping pong games between idiots, the Joe Rogan controversy, the Dan Carlin approach, people who make a living as partisan hacks, why I disagree with the notion of platforming people who pour gasoline on the fire, how the JRE could have revolutionized media in a brilliant way, how a Bernie Sanders voter ended up becoming a right wing icon, how Jordan Peterson contributed to the growth of everything he hates, the problem with partial truths, compromising intellectual honesty in order to push good ideas, the Council of Elrond scene, fighting dogma may be a losing fight but one that is worth fighting anyway, and much more.

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