Episode 175 - Native Musings

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Joining me on the podcast today are Cano Sanchez, Executive Director of Operation Peace Project and David Montour (AKA That DAM Artist), both from the Native American rock band Cland-Destine, Vahan Setyan—a healthcare and economic development advisor, tribal authorized agent in Native country and author of 3 books with the 4th soon to come out called 'The Indigenous Health Crisis', and Andrew Ayres, who is involved in many economic development projects. Our conversation ranges from music and the band Clan-Destine, the conflict-driven side of human nature, suicide prevention, indigenous genocide and culturecide, forced sterilizations, health in Native communities, tribal gaming, a better kind of competition, the illusion of 'getting your own while screwing over everyone else', finite resources and sharing, generosity & selfishness, the disappearance of Native women, and much more.