Episode 150 - Duncan Trussell

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  • Father Trussell—in more ways than one
  • Babies as antidotes to selfishness
  • Sundancers gaining strength by holding babies
  • A front row seat to slow-moving catastrophes
  • Mr. Rogers as a Bodhisatva
  • Taking down metaphorical walls, and taking off our armors
  • Birth and drama
  • When the Universe winks
  • A rock-polisher for the soul
  • The miracle of the poodle nose
  • Rain and beauty (and with that we lose all our listeners in Seattle)
  • Offerings of blood to the Sun
  • Duncan having second thoughts about how he used language
  • The intent and energy behind words is more important than words
  • How two people can say the same thing and one is hilarious and the other is an asshole
  • Angry free speech assholes vs angry pc assholes
  • How PTSD has been confused with masculinity
  • Duncan's father and his PTSD
  • If you are upset by razor commercial, you may need to sit down and breathe