Episode 148 - Robert Drysdale

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  • Tackling the history of jiujitsu in Brazil, and upsetting sacred cows
  • BJJ: Judo with modified rules
  • Getting crushed by the Japanese led to changing the rules and developing BJJ
  • Stupid ego standing in the way of improvement
  • Not liking the B in BJJ: Nationalism has no place in martial arts
  • Counter to the previous statement: visiting Yuki Nakai's school
  • The culture of Kosen Judo vs. BJJ
  • Why heel hooks were banned
  • People love the techniques they are good at—Ego's pitfalls
  • Two different meanings of Ego—one is petty and self-defeating. The other is at the roots of greatness.
  • The difference between Schopenhauer and Nietzschee
  • That difficult balance that allows you to pat yourself on the back while constantly trying to improve
  • The best memory of Robert's BJJ career
  • Maeda's role in BJJ history is highly exaggerated
  • There was no Gracie Academy in 1925
  • Inventing history—The thin line between myth and history