Episode 143 - Making a Living without Selling Out

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The "Iz Moment":

  • Duncan Trussell's Sure Design commercials
  • The voice of the 9 year old, 'What's a tranny?'
  • Kids: people with less experience and smaller vocabulary
  • Learning how to drink
  • Being drunk: no justification for shitty behavior
  • Why the gap between ideals and behavior?
  • Doing what you say: a low and yet uncommon bar

The Storytelling Moment:

  • Rocky Mountain Savage and mountain lions
  • One shot—just like Eminem

The "Ask Bolelli" Corner:

  • On the ethics of breaking oaths
  • Thinking long and hard before giving your word
  • 99% is not good enough when it comes to giving your word
  • Making a book deadline in the midst of death & tragedy. Because death & tragedy has no excuse to break your word
  • A sweet fuck up, but still a fuck up
  • How '50 Things' led to the JRE, how the JRE led to Drunken Taoist and History on Fire
  • How to make a living without selling out
  • Play your cards well, but you still need to be lucky
  • Trying four paths in the hope that one works
  • Daniele's "career" path
  • Selling out and literary agents
  • It'd be more honest to sexually please guys at truck stop
  • Writing to me is about passion and self expression, not ghost writers and NY Times bestsellers

The "I Have a Dream" Corner: