Episode 133 - Boki Nachbar

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  • Seeing the world through basketball: from Slovenia through Italy, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Spain and the NBA
  • Life after basketball
  • Differences between European and American basketball
  • How MMA led Boki to Joe Rogan and the world of podcasting
  • Sports, epic, and heroism
  • Less random entertainment and more inspiration. Tools to help make life better
  • 20 years with thousands of people watching you play every single week, and then it all stops.
  • How writing a stupid college paper can turn into samurai training
  • Focused practice as the key to progress
  • Putting the phone away
  • Playing against LeBron James
  • How becoming a master in one field is unrelated to having a good life
  • The addiction to success
  • Fans in Europe and U.S.
  • Parenting
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  • @BokiNachbar