Episode 114 - Darryl Cooper

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The Conan Rash Guard

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  • martyrmade.com | Martyrmade Podcast
  • Cooperating on the Conquest of Mexico series
  • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • The emotional punch of episode 6 of Martyrmade
  • A middle eastern tragedy
  • Keeping a nuanced approach to a topic where nuance usually doesn't exist
  • Daniele's racist landlady
  • Darryl's twitter adventures
  • Quitting the addiction to trolling
  • Darryl's days on Sherdog
  • Trolling vs good communication
  • Parallels past, present and future
  • Humanity at a crossroads—suicide, depression, addiction
  • How dogmatic identities 'help' people
  • The creation of an American identity against a common enemy
  • The price to pay for an identity
  • The strengths and weaknesses of tribalism & globalization
  • How and why we need to create new tribes
  • Probably all our ancestors were cannibals at some point
  • Montana's wrestling state champion
  • The church of jiujitsu
  • Reducing unnecessary suffering