Episode 112 - Franco Bolelli

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The Conan Rash Guard

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  • The Bolelli household: podcasting before podcasting existed
  • "I'd never be able to stay in one field of knowledge"
  • Mixing what most people keep separate
  • Franco and his 3 points-hand: "One of the best shooters in Western Civilization"
  • Choosing a career that would allow him to stay with baby Daniele 24/7
  • A curious relationship with money
  • A concert at Castello Sforzesco
  • "I wrote about music to write about life"
  • Teaching in design without knowing a whole lot about design
  • Love book
  • Franco's ungodly stamina when it comes to playing
  • Daniele is a historian. Franco can't care less about history
  • Technology and evolution
  • Creating something better than what we criticize
  • The limits of politics
  • Franco's hostility toward learning
  • Meeting Michael Jordan
  • Obsession and self perfection
  • One sentence by Nietzsche is worth more than most Western philosophy put together
  • Most philosophers are an insult to the trees that were cut to create the pages they wrote on
  • "Descartes can't dance"