Episode 110 - Sara Frazetta about the Legendary Career of Frank Frazetta

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The Conan Rash Guard

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  • The legendary career of Frank Frazetta
  • Conan, Metal, and freelancing
  • Creating his own style
  • A love for sex and women
  • The silly critique of 'objectifying the human body'
  • The temple of muscles and boobs
  • The bizarre notion that nudity equals objectifying
  • Frank's influences
  • All he wanted was to paint. Money never interested him
  • Coffee and prosciutto
  • Cranking out a masterpiece in a night and then sleeping 48 hours
  • Painting for Robert Rodriguez
  • Sara's personal favorite: "Egyptian Queen"
  • Sara as the lucky mediator
  • "There were no rules in Frank Frazetta's world. Rules don't exist. Law doesn't exist"
  • Lawyers and family fights
  • "I am going to offend people. That's just inevitable."
  • Robert Rodriguez remaking "Fire and Ice"?
  • https://www.frazettagirls.com/
  • Working on a Death Dealer story
  • Pete McCormack and Hollywood
  • 'Horror Convention' vs. 'Whore Convention'
  • "Why would I sell my soul and my grandpa's soul for a Ferrari...that I'll die in most likely?"
  • Frazetta, Caravaggio and Bosch
  • Character-driven