Episode 102 - The Savage Buddha: Artist and KO Artist, Savannah Nahry Em

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The Conan Rash Guard

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  • Savannah's pro MMA Debut
  • The locker room scene before the fight
  • Duncan Trussell about Savannah "The house was filled with her energy. She was coiled"
  • 18 seconds of craziness. The overhand from hell and the 'lights out' left hook--The Cambodian Mike Tyson
  • You don't see this kind of one-punch KO power in female MMA
  • How do you go from being a sweet, soft-spoken woman into a savage force of nature? The Yin-Yang of the Savage Buddha
  • The only person to KO Daniele
  • Fightchix.com blog post: "Wonder Woman: Savannah Em"
  • Shy but fearless
  • Fightchix.com: Savage Buddha Collection
  • Daniele spends the night dreaming about the fight. Savannah spends the night dreaming about syrup-covered donuts
  • Anthony Formoso and the Drunken Taoist
  • The enigma of KO power
  • The challenges of pressure
  • Tomoe Gozen
  • Savannah's art: nudity, epic style and comedy
  • Thank you, Chuck Duncan!
  • Savannah's art: shirtless guy on a horse giving oral to a lady who is eating a cheeseburger while sword fighting with Hitler who is riding a Nazi dragon
  • The Three Fs of a happy life: Food, Fighting and Fucking
  • The Ikkyu scroll, the Nietzsche shirt, the History on Fire logo
  • Savannah's grandfather
  • Fleeing the Khmer Rouge
  • Drinking from a river where a corpse floats
  • Oumry Ban and Pradal Serey
  • Sean Loeffler
  • Thank you to Datsusara, Onnit, Float Clinic, Fight Chix, and Shaman's Simple Solutions
  • The Universe has a sense of humor: 'Where am I going to meet someone I'll click with? Across the street?'
  • The meeting of Daniele and Savannah
  • "Savannah..."
  • Someone who likes you for who you are
  • Find Savannah online