Episode 8 - Why Bolelli's Grandma Carried Bags Full of Bombs

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Thanks to Chris Grasso for the awesome photoshop work! 


The "I Have a Dream" corner:

  • Zombies tackling Mickey Mouse at Disneyland and eating him.

The "Ask Bolelli" Corner:

  • Taoism in politics, leadership, judo and surfing.

The "Rant of the Day": 

  • Why academics don't like me. 
  • The Hobbit needed a Grolla (the Italian alcoholic equivalent of the peace pipe). 
  • Bolelli's b-day: older, wiser and hotter. 
  • Bolelli vs. the calendar and vs. "acting your age".

The "Storytelling Moment": 

  • Bolelli's grandparents and their violent activities.
  • A poem by ancient Roman poet Catullus: 
Let's live and love,
caring less than nothing for
the moralizing of stern old men.
The sun sets and rises back again,
but an eternal night of sleep awaits us
when our brief light turns to darkness.
Give me a thousand kisses, and a hundred more.
Then a thousand, and another hundred.
And then more thousands and hundreds.
Let's scatter them, then,
so that no one can envy us
by knowing how many kisses we have shared.