What is The Drunken Taoist?

The Drunken Taoist is a bi-monthly podcast by writer/martial artist/college professor/whatever-label-you-feel-like-adding Daniele Bolelli. One of the monthly episodes features discussions and interviews with one or more guests. The other includes the infamous Bolelli rants and verbal Tai Chi with co-host Rich Evirs.

In terms of topics covered by the show, the common thread is whatever makes life intense, passionate and worth living. Anything that meets this requirement is fair game—regardless of whether the starting point is religion, politics, sex, martial arts, philosophy, history, or any other specific field.

Episode 71 - Discussing the Wild Life of Ikkyu Sojun with Robert Subiaga

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  • Robert returns: from Conan to Ikkyu
  • Thank you to Tom Robbins for the Ikkyu assist
  • Ikkyu is Daniele's life role model
  • Thanks to Savannah Em for the beautiful cover art
  • Ikkyu is one of the heroes of the Dionysian Parade t-shirt:
  • A Zen, horny version of Bugs Bunny
  • The basics of Ikkyu's life
  • "I hate masters!"
  • Burning the Inka
  • Disgust with the Zen establishment and the sake/brothel poem
  • Revolutionizing Japanese culture in between a drinking bout and a visit to the goddesses of mercy
  • The Ikkyu cartoon
  • Radical honesty
  • Some of his own students are embarrassed by Ikkyu’s intense emotions
  • If I'm not hurting anyone, what is wrong with living passionately?
  • Ikkyu would be the god of podcasting
  • "Tasting life and enjoying sex to the fullest"
  • "Thirsty you dream of water, cold you want fire. Not me. I want the firm warm breasts and wetness of a woman"
  • "Eight inches strong, it is my favorite thing..."
  • "The autumn breeze of a single night of love is better than 100,000 years of sterile sitting meditation"
  • "Sleep when tired, Eat when hungry..." and why people forget the rest of the quote
  • The illusion of the separation between sacred and profane
  • Buddhism in the flesh: don't spoil a healthy Buddhist nap
  • Ikkyu as a heyoka
  • Balance in the middle of imbalance

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