What is The Drunken Taoist?

The Drunken Taoist is a bi-monthly podcast by writer/martial artist/college professor/whatever-label-you-feel-like-adding Daniele Bolelli. One of the monthly episodes features discussions and interviews with one or more guests. The other includes the infamous Bolelli rants and verbal Tai Chi with co-host Rich Evirs.

In terms of topics covered by the show, the common thread is whatever makes life intense, passionate and worth living. Anything that meets this requirement is fair game—regardless of whether the starting point is religion, politics, sex, martial arts, philosophy, history, or any other specific field.

Episode 76 - The Muse Is Not Always Cruel

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Father's Bolelli Sunday School: The Bible according to Quentin Tarantino:

  • Hookers and Murder: The Life of Samson
  • Samson rips a lion apart
  • Riddles and murderous rage
  • Unhappy marriages, 300 foxes, and more murderous rage
  • Guess what happens next? More murderous rage (this time thanks to the jawbone of a donkey)
  • Visiting hookers and escaping ambushes
  • Delilah, dreadlocks and losing power. Blinded and enslaved
  • Conan's prayer for revenge, and a last bout of murderous rage before death

The "Rant of the Day":

  • Sorry, no rant today

The "I Have A Dream" Corner:

  • Arthur Rosenfeld eating a turtle

The "Storytelling Moment":

  • Tomoe Gozen

The "Iz Moment":

  • Forgetting Iz’s Ipod
  • If you are wise, you’d know not to disturb me when I want some peace and quiet
  • Once I tried eating my own arm
  • I don't give a damn about my reputation

The "Ask Bolelli" Corner:

  • The process of creating an episode of History on Fire
  • Honoring Dan Carlin, but not really copying his style
  • Patience (and lack of). Lifting too much weight
  • My new book "Not Afraid" is coming out soon!
  • Tom Robbins, Ikkyu Sojun: the antidote of the artist as trapped in pain. The Muse is not always cruel. The bad dichotomy of deep suffering artists vs. happy superficial people
  • The Surfing Nietzsche t-shirt
  • The Tao of Savannah Em

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