What is The Drunken Taoist?

The Drunken Taoist is a bi-monthly podcast by writer/martial artist/college professor/whatever-label-you-feel-like-adding Daniele Bolelli. One of the monthly episodes features discussions and interviews with one or more guests. The other includes the infamous Bolelli rants and verbal Tai Chi with co-host Rich Evirs.

In terms of topics covered by the show, the common thread is whatever makes life intense, passionate and worth living. Anything that meets this requirement is fair game—regardless of whether the starting point is religion, politics, sex, martial arts, philosophy, history, or any other specific field.

Episode 93 - Gregory Gerdeman on the Science of Cannabis

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  • The Cannabis Professor
  • How cannabis affects the brain
  • The Endocannabinoid system
  • Federal research only focused on the ‘dangers’ of cannabis, with next to no research until recently about its medical benefits
  • Ignorance still rules about cannabis
  • The clash between federal law and current scientific understanding of cannabis
  • Tylenol can damage your liver. Cannabis is much safer
  • Prohibition never solves the problems it tries to address
  • Chris Christie is a freak
  • CBD and THC
  • Each strain has different medical benefits
  • The Rick Simpson oil
  • The need for clinical trials for the effects of cannabis on cancer
  • It may not be a cure­all, but it definitely shows much promise
  • Cannabis and its anti­inflammatory properties
  • The problem of pesticides in Cannabis concentrates
  • The science of cannabinoids doesn’t just teach about cannabis. It teaches about how our body works

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