What is The Drunken Taoist?

The Drunken Taoist is a bi-monthly podcast by writer/martial artist/college professor/whatever-label-you-feel-like-adding Daniele Bolelli. One of the monthly episodes features discussions and interviews with one or more guests. The other includes the infamous Bolelli rants and verbal Tai Chi with co-host Rich Evirs.

In terms of topics covered by the show, the common thread is whatever makes life intense, passionate and worth living. Anything that meets this requirement is fair game—regardless of whether the starting point is religion, politics, sex, martial arts, philosophy, history, or any other specific field.

Episode 91 - Richard Gordon on Healing

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  • When we hear the words "energy healing", most of us automatically think 'new age crap.' And we would be very wrong in this case
  • Breathing and body awareness are the keys to this game
  • Not only affecting one's own physiology but some else's too
  • Martial arts charlatans
  • Belief and disbelief are equally cheap
  • The tale of how Richard definitely got my attention
  • How Richard learned his craft
  • The limits of words
  • If it works on a person under anesthesia, it's not a placebo
  • Richard's magic and Savannah's jiujitsu
  • "Normicles"
  • Why nutrition is discussed so little in medical school
  • Working on the self-healing mechanism within the body
  • Teaching other people the same skills
  • Wim Hof discussing prana with Tim Ferris
  • We are surprised when we don't see results
  • Energy follows intent
  • Just because your TV can't catch some channels, it doesn't mean those channels don't exist
  • http://www.quantumtouch.com

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