Episode 61 - My Friend Pete McCormack: A Gentle Obsession

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  • "Fuck pain. Fuck heartbreak. I'm still in love with life"
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  • Pete McCormack is a fucking genius
  • Pete is my friend because he is afraid of what would happen to me if he wasn't
  • Daniele is a judgmental bastard
  • Pete is a polymath: writer, director, musician... you name it. It's about telling epic stories
  • Unless we create something beautiful, we don't deserve to live: Pete and I share the same psychosis
  • "Grinding it out until I don't hate myself"
  • No work, no school, no money, food magically appearing in your fridge, and all sweets are healthy: Iz for President
  • The Muses ride us hard
  • The art of slowing down and celebrating
  • Daniele and Pete are horrible human beings
  • Savannah Em is my favorite woman on earth
  • If I don't write something amazing tomorrow, I'll have to shoot myself
  • Fuck doing a PhD. The process to get there would kill my soul.
  • "Daniele Bolelli is not built for academia"
  • "Anyone who hires me as an accountant will eventually end up in prison"
  • Doing too much
  • A Gita reference that would make Duncan Trussell happy
  • The torture of squashing one's nature
  • Finding a ritual to center you
  • A gentle obsession
  • Why do some many artists end up badly?
  • More effective doing less
  • Owning the Warner Brothers' lot
  • I want a statue that all screenwriters will pray to before turning in their work
  • Why create anything?
  • Cuddling with Pete McCormack
  • More emphasis on fun & joy and less on achievement
  • Tesshu about one page at a time
  • Am I doing this to make my life more joyful?
  • Sports on Fire on HBO Canada
  • Gratitude
  • We shine more than we know
  • We don't care about true or false. We care about epic