Episode 56 - Riding Werewolves

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  • "Fuck pain. Fuck heartbreak. I'm still in love with life"
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Father's Bolelli Sunday School: The Bible according to Quentin Tarantino:

  • I am not anti-religion. I'm anti-assholes. If you are religious and not an asshole, I have no problems with you
  • Christian Bale: If Moses were around today, they'd send drones after him
  • Exhibit A for why I don't like academics
  • From 50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know: Religion... "Moses the Mass Murderer"
  • From Create Your Own Religion: "Moses' Cute Little Deathsquad" (btw, deathsquad not in a Brian Redban kind of way)
  • "C'mon, God... Don't be like that"
  • The Old Testament: polytheistic Jews and monotheistic Jews killing each other
  • If people don't honor the God who tells you you shouldn't murder people, then you should clearly kill them
  • "Put every man his sword by his side and go in and out from gate to gate throughout the camp. And slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbor."

The "Rant of the Day":

The "I Have A Dream" Corner:

  • This dream fucked up my life. A cowardly sell out.
  • Rich and the bullfrog.
  • Boasting after hunting and fighting.

The "Iz Moment":

  • Speeding: "It's not his fault! It's not his fault! We were listening to a rocking song. He got too excited". Don't listen to "I Fought the Law" while driving. And the story of my green and purple glittery nail polish.
  • Iz on the Joe Rogan Experience.

The "Storytelling Moment":

  • Surfing Nietzsche t-shirts coming up!
  • The Taliban kill her son. She picks up the AK-47

The "Ask Bolelli" Corner:

  • Mystical experiences: at 13 on the beach. Focusing on one sense at a time (ninja!) Double rainbows. Second hand mystical experiences.
  • Introspection and socializing
  • Thank you Edward Feldman! Thank you Chimie Moxham! Thank you Pete Hoffman (Aum Cellars)!