Episode 5 - Chris Odell & Adam Scorgie: Legalize It Already!

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Today's guests are Chris Odell, owner of Datsusara, and Adam Scorgie, producer of "The Union" and several other films. 

Among the highlights of the day: 

  • My nerdy Lord of the Rings winter ritual 
  • The Hamletic dilemma:  work out or watch "The Union" with a joint and chocolate cake? 
  • We finally found out why Canadians like our podcast (hint: weed may have something to do with it)
  • Somebody get me to Vancouver, please
  • You smoked your first joint with your mom?!? 
  • Our collective envy pours on Adam when we find out that his dad owned a bar and a strip club
  • Jesus the hemp grower?
  • Adam is a damn communist and needs to be deported
  • Ronald Reagan about Marijuana being "the most dangerous drug" in America, and other pearls of idiocy
  • Chris & Adam preaching about the wonders of industrial hemp and about the ugly politics of keeping it illegal
  • Most doctors are glorified drug dealers
  • Newborns look funky because they are drugged out of their minds

Adam Scorgie's twitter: @AdamScoreG

Chris Odell's twitter: @DSGear