Episode 4 - Saving a Bulgarian Virgin

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The "I Have a Dream" corner:

  • How martial arts have saved me from zombies, vampires, my high school teachers and other scary freaks who used to stalk my dreams.

The "Rant of the Day":

  • Danish gay penguins.
  • Scary fundamentalists having issues with Darwin. Paul Feyerabend and the limits of science: certainty is the enemy of truth.
  • Luck and choices.

The "Ask Bolelli" corner:

Fueled by enough alcohol—as Drunken Taoists should be—we answer your questions about the universe. Why grabbing your crotch is the Italian way to ward off evil: grabbing a hold of your sexuality (quite literally) as the best antidote against the braying of priests. Good sex makes you fearless! How to get rid of anger (or at least be in killer shape.) The best way to drink someone's smile. 

The "Storytelling Moment":

Trial of the Zombie Pope (how a Pope in 897 CE dug up the corpse of a previous rival Pope and put him on trial).