Episode 3 - Shannon Lee: About Bruce Lee, the Tao, Life, the Universe and Everything

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Our guest today is the wonderful Shannon Lee, talking about her life and her father's legacy. 

Among the highlights of the day: 

  • Coming to terms with being Bruce Lee's daughter
  • Shannon's work as the head of Bruce Lee Enterprises
  • We bow to our one and only god: Pete McCormack, director of the documentary I Am Bruce Lee
  • The sordid tale of how the evil Bolelli used his Godfather skills to end up in the documentary (btw, the most glorious 53 seconds in movie history!)
  • Why nerdy Asian boys owe their very lives to Bruce Lee 
  • On nationalism and the wild tale of a Bruce Lee statue built in Bosnia right after the war there 
  • What makes some people more authentic than others? 
  • Rebelling against dogma and creating our own path: "That’s the thing I’ve always admired most about my father. It takes courage to walk the path alone" 
  • "The height of cultivation runs toward simplicity"
  • Bruce Lee as the father of MMA? 
  • Shannon invented Tivo, and Daniele invented Blockbuster
  • Gene LeBell and his pink gi 
  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and killing demons with nunchuckus 

The Bruce Lee Foundation website: http://bruceleefoundation.com/

Shannon's twitter: https://twitter.com/BruceLeeLegacy