Episode 21 - Duncan Trussell and the Net of Indra

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  • Duncan thought this was the best year of his life--minus the death of his mother and having a ball chopped off
  • Tragedy and Empathy
  • The deadly sin of taking things for granted
  • Tragedy tends to make people become nicer... or meaner
  • Working out with Joe Rogan
  • Duncan had me spitting a perfectly good beer
  • Art as inspiration
  • Not sure if Duncan really likes Justin Bieber or not
  • Buddha and Bieber
  • Duncan's thoughts about death
  • The parable of the arrow
  • The net of Indra
  • "I'm really not interested in right and wrong. I'm interested in what makes life better right now and what doesn't."
  • Having more in common with people you share little with than with those with your same interests
  • Duncan's life plans