Episode 19 - Aubrey Marcus: Warrior Poet

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  • Listening to Aubrey freaks me out. It's like listening to myself minus the Italian accent
  • Aubrey explains the "warrior poet" concept like a true warrior poet
  • Socrates was a badass
  • Choosing to be a complete human being rather than a stereotype
  • The weirdness of the American male hug
  • If you are going to have boys, teach them how to dance and how to do yoga (they'll thank you when women will dig them)
  • "You are not actually tough if you are not sweet... the toughest person should be able to be the sweetest" Aubrey Marcus
  • Why Aubrey's favorite tattoo artist doesn't tattoo snarling dragons
  • Aubrey's mom played the semi-finals in Wimbledon
  • Aubrey's psychedelic adventures
  • "Why wouldn't you create your own? It's your life. No one else can live it for you"
  • Aubrey's shamanic trip in Peru'
  • "Drink some whiskey, grab your nuts, grab a girl on the dance floor, dunk a basketball, lift some weights, fight somebody... I don't give a fuck what you do, but do something, man!"
  • Earning people's respect in a language they understand... Aubrey explains the Joe Rogan magic
  • Onnit