Episode 17 - Sam Sheridan: The World Is Made Of Fire

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  • Check out Sam's three books ("A Fighter's Heart", "The Fighter's Mind" and "The Disaster Diaries" 
  • Sam Sheridan's bio reads like something out of a Jack London's novel
  • Sam drinks 15 cups of coffee a day and he can't sleep much at night... the mystery deepens. Perhaps he could use a sample of the Drunken Taoist strain? :) 
  • Growing up in Old Deerfield messed with Sam's mind
  • Eastern American Indians and their captives: either killed in gruesome fashion or lovingly adopted into the tribe 
  • "Noble" vs. "Vicious Savages" 
  • Everyone alive has to deal with conflict
  • Everyone can be broken. No one is immune to fear 
  • Empathy and approaching movies/art/books as a sacred ritual 
  • John C. in Cincinnati: Sam is going to find you! 
  • How to deal with fear
  • Daniele's worst and best moments in MMA 
  • Sam's tattoo: you are risking your soul by playing it safe 
  • I don't like writing. I like having written. And being possessed by the Muse 
  • Sam "I'm a big fan of misery" and his new year resolution ("Drink more!"), "all things in moderation, even moderation" 
  • Why people are fascinated with the Apocalypse 
  • Daniele drinks his blood, eats his flesh and keeps training: the joys of jiujitsu. 
  • Empathy&Intuition 
  • Sam's take on the current environmental challenges