Episode 15 - Using Kangaroo Balls To Pop Open A Beer with Cacilda Jethá and Chris Ryan

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  • How Chris and Cacilda first met
  • If you are going to get into a fight, drug your opponent first
  • Different approaches to writing: Chris flows with the Tao, Daniele is a control freak
  • Cacilda "Chris writes the way a dog takes a shit"
  • Chris' next book: Civilized to Death.
  • Sexual repression as a side effect of the fear of death.
  • Rich does Duncan (it's not what it sounds...)
  • Chris is a shame exorcist
  • Those hot sheep
  • Sex with robots
  • Why people work out
  • TV: from amazing shows to watching lesbian midget fights on Jerry Springer
  • Italians have big balls
  • Vancouver rules
  • Rich finds out he is gay
  • No one--including Daniele--can figure out why TED Talks piss off Daniele so much
  • How I irreparably offended the man who helped me get my writing career started in the U.S.
  • Daniele's subconscious creates a new version of Smokey Robinson's "The Track of My Tears"