Episode 131 - Topless Dueling, The Discipline of the Hero's Journey, and 'Girlfight'

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The Rant of the Day:

  • Letting people you care about feel loved
  • Screw snarky humor as an M.O.

The "Iz Moment":

  • Surviving an Orc ambush, winning the soccer World Cup, and armbarring opposition
  • Assassin's Creed and a history lesson
  • Watching Logan with Iz
  • Big change in Daniele's life—no longer bound to epic & tragic
  • Iron Fist and martial arts training
  • Watching "Girlfight": 'This is as good as Conan!'

The Storytelling Moment:

  • Thank you Stephan Kesting
  • Topless Dueling over flower arrangement
  • Savannah volunteers to fight in our Topless Duels League

The "I Have a Dream" Corner:

  • Daniele is a traitorous wimp
  • Even Nazis don't want to call themselves Nazis anymore
  • Becoming the hero of a tale is not due to fate, but unrelenting work
  • Being able to step up when it's not comfortable to step up
  • The discipline of steel
  • Most people are not evil. Most people are weak. And weakness is fertile ground for evil
  • The carnival of Italian elections
  • Why some people crave Fascism
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