Episode 130 - Intellectuals and Kim Kardashian's Ass (with Cory Allen)

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  • Cory Allen (Astral Hustle) and Daniele decide to release an episode on both podcasts
  • Daniele is more interested in Kim Kardashian's ass than in the cumulative body of work of most public intellectuals (and he is not that interested in Kim Kardashian's ass)
  • Peddling joyless ideas is not a sign of a great IQ
  • Ode to Dan Carlin
  • Lack of humor is a sin
  • Too many intellectuals look constipated
  • "We should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh." Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Wisdom is funny
  • Surfing Nietzsche
  • Wisdom is more than a high IQ. Wisdom is more than how many books you've read.
  • Knowing how to make a kid laugh is a better sign of wisdom than how many books you have read
  • Ideas that can empower life: making friends with physicality
  • Angry brains in jars
  • I'm not your mom, and i'm not a cop
  • Attention is not owed. It's earned
  • Hiding behind titles, uniforms and PhDs
  • Friendly sparring matches vs. real fights: both in martial arts and intellectually
  • I'm interested in truth—not in identity
  • Better learning how to swim than using ideologies as life jackets
  • Kindness as applied intelligence rather than intelligence for intelligence's sake
  • If your ideas don't have a positive impact in your body, in your facial expressions, in the way you hug people, then i really don't want to hear about them
  • I don't care about Taoism. I care about how Taoism can help us enjoy life