Episode 10 - Caravaggio: The Quentin Tarantino of the 1500s

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  • Last but not least, let's all make fun of Daniele 'cause he can't pronounce the word "sovereignty" 

The "I Have a Dream" Corner:

  • Fighting against seals (the animals, not the special forces unit)
  • Killing monsters, drinking their blood, gaining their strength

The "Rant of the Day": 

  • If you are looking for fairness, you are in the wrong universe
  • If you are planning to whine, get a stopwatch
  • Be happy you don’t live in time and place where the neighboring tribe from the next valley is likely to come any minute to conquer your lands, chop your head off, use your skull as a drinking vessel at their victory party, rape your women, and piss on the altars of your gods.
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The "Ask Bolelli" Corner:

  • Ask Bolelli is on steroids: answering questions about our favorite podcasts, the meaning of "bodhi" in my email address, the popular unhealthy fascination for the Apocalypse, trying to change the world while being weighed down by assholes, techniques for self-motivation, and the CSI approach to organized religion.

The "Storytelling Moment":

  • Michelangelo Merisi aka Caravaggio: his biblical paintings are what a movie about the Bible directed by Quentin Tarantino would look like. Why Pisa and Livorno hate each other. Want to raise the Pope's blood pressure? Then when you are asked to paint the Virgin Mary get a hooker as a model. Artist and escape artist. Stabbing pimps and bludgeoning cops. Italy's Most Wanted.