BONUS Episode 2 - Duncan Trussell Joins Us in Honor of Geoff Moxham

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Our listener Chimmy Moxham decided to sponsor a bonus episode in memory of his father Geoff. This is a non-commercial sponsorship since there's absolutely nothing to sell. If you'd like to check out Geoff's website purely for knowledge's sake, here you go:

  • A podcast made with blood
  • Being too safe is going to kill you
  • Duncan and his ayahuasca trip
  • Duncan may return from his trip as Priscilla Trussell
  • Fun: tennis with an alien praying mantis
  • Playing tag with machetes
  • Amber Lyon is my new favorite mood-altering drug
  • Rich's father death journey
  • Duncan and the pre-stage butterflies
  • Michael Jordan, Robin Williams, Joe Rogan and being cool to your audience
  • Despising one's students: a teacher's ultimate sin