Episode 37 - The Great Dr. Mark Cheng: Healing and Fighting

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  • "Fuck pain. Fuck heartbreak. I'm still in love with life"
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  • Mark's learning journey among the best in martial arts, kettlebells, and medicine
  • Knowing how to break the body in order to know how to heal the body
  • The three legs of Chinese medicine
  • Parking lot syndrome
  • No one camp has all the answers
  • How modern medicine confuses symptoms and root causes, and how the insurance system is screwing up medicine
  • If you have a good experience with a doctor, let people know. Social media as a tool to reward good doctors
  • Mark's self-pleasuring run through Wilshire Blvd had banks been allowed to fail
  • The horrendous decline in the health of the average American. Genetics haven't changed much in 50 years, but physical education has
  • What's good when you are running away from a saber-tooth tiger vs. what's good during regular exercise
  • Check out Mark's DVD about prehab-rehab and his other websites:
  • "If i do my job correctly, I have the shittiest business plan ever"
  • Why in the Third World they have less back problems than in the United States
  • Standing desks and barefoot running
  • Why good jiujitsu guys tell you to use less muscle
  • Why Shuai Jiao is a badass martial art
  • Reasons for the low reputation of Chinese martial arts
  • Practicing martial arts for life rather than screwing up your life because of your practice
  • Mark's parenting philosophy
  • Mark needs an endorsement from Crown Royal
  • Micro workouts
  • Listen to your critics
  • Daniele was an envious little shit. Inspiration vs. envy: different responses to the same stimulus
  • Losing as a great educational experience