Episode 23 - Dan Carlin: The Man Who Can Make History Fun

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  • Hardcore History: Daniele's favorite podcast
  • The good, old days when historians were great storytellers
  • The horrors of academic history
  • Why journalists can make history come to life better than historians
  • The balance between forging tough individuals while giving them love: can you win a war against your grandparents?
  • Splitting history in two separate disciplines
  • Why so few people question the norms of their times
  • The mechanics of Dan's podcast
  • Hardcore History follows the wisdom of Taoist sage Jimmy Page: "tight but loose"
  • The future of politics: why the two political parties have to go
  • The godfathers of podcasting: shaping the future
  • Hardcore History's bookkeeping
  • Dan plays violin on a very busy street: the global street performer
  • Dan during the L.A. Riots: curfew breaking, driving on Sunset Blvd. at midnight with no lights and no cars around, the army on the streets....
  • The origins of the Common Sense podcast
  • Daniele likes Dan's approach for the very same reason why the radio establishment hated it. A human being rather than an ideological clone. How everyone in the radio business knows that Rush Limbaugh doesn't believe what he says.
  • "This idea that there's a single ideology, or a philosophy, that is right. And you can follow it and it will work for every problem... I'm sorry but to me it's ridiculous."
  • "I have very strong convictions about certain things but I don't have this ideology that requires me to stay of the same opinion"
  • "If convictions mean that you are not allowed to rationally consider each issue on the merits, then I'd rather not have convictions"
  • Dan Carlin, the king of nuance.
  • We use the same Nietzsche and Whitman quotes
  • "If I know ahead of time what you are going to say about any given topic, it's because you are going by the rule book,which defeats the purpose of being an aware human being"
  • "The fact that you can't get history from the History Channel makes it that much better for me"
  • "If the show is too smart for you, it's not our fault"
  • Dan is one of the few who can pronounce my name
  • Common Sense is partially banned in China. The internet and its enemies (Dianne Feinstein is fuckin' scary)
  • On Boxing and freedom, Alexander the Great and the Kennedy assassination.