Episode 11 - Taylor Parker: Fighting for Everything That Is

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  • Raccoons shooting steroids in my backyard, coyotes slaughtering critters under my window 
  • My night with a tribe of raccoons having sex (among each other... I took no part in it--I swear) and fighting coyotes
  • Taylor Parker enlightening us about how punching people in the face makes you a better environmentalist
  • The important difference between math and meth
  • Restoration ecology, saving wetlands, removing heavy metal from the water (not talking about Metallica)
  • Why Environmentalists get a bad rap 
  • Protecting natural resources shouldn't be a political issue. Why is it? The near-thinking primate dilemma
  • J. Diamond about the false dichotomy between the economy and environmental protection
  • Daniele's errant brain waves saved Taylor from turning to the dark side and becoming a soulless corporate lawyer 
  • Taylor's pragmatic approach to environmentalism 
  • Political parties: driving the bus toward destruction at 90 mph vs. driving the bus toward destruction at 60 mph 
  • Interconnectedness is the name of the game 
  • Contributing to google searches about "duck porn" 
  • Taylor's experience with boxing, and how it helps his work
  • Learning how to take a beating/dealing with adversity 
  • Daniele has no problems punching friends in the face 
  • Shameless plug for "On the Warrior's Path" 
  • Taylor channels his inner Bruce Lee 

Taylor Parker's twitter: https://twitter.com/tidalinfluence

His company's website: http://www.tidalinfluence.com/

Personal website: http://www.practicepraxis.org/

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